This page was created to supplement the Facebook group for the inaugural ride to remember the Royal Guernsey Light Infantry. It is taking place 100 years after, to the same month, that the remnants of the RGLI returned to Guernsey.  The ride is from St Peter Port to Cambrai and back.

Before travelling please print a copy of the Order of Service and the itinerary

Downloadable GPX files for SatNat

Ensure your sat nav is updated before carrying out the following – thanks to Chris Ure for instructions below:

1: download the gpx compressed folder to your desktop
2: create a new folder on your desktop and unpackage the compressed files into it.
3: plug in your satnav to your computer but don’t use the satnav software
4: open your file explorer and look for your satnav it will show up as an external drive.
5: drag and drop the gpx files from within the new folder that you created into the satnav drive
6: eject the sat nav drive from the computer
7: start up your satnav and go to routes and the new routes should all be there ready to use
This will work on both tomtom and garmin devices






All the above in a single file here

Google Maps

You will need to login to google to be able to view and download the maps. If you don’t have a google account it’s free to create one!


St Malo to Ibis Caen

Ibis Caen to Ibis Cambrai

Ibis Cambrai to Thiepval

Thiepval to Ibis Caen

Ibis Caen to St Malo

Other Information:

  • You will need to carry your passport, driving license, insurance and bike registration with you at all times.

  • You may also need an international drivers permit details here

  • Check your bike insurance for breakdown cover, and general travel insurance just in case.

  • You will need to attach a GBG sticker to the bike.

  • Helmets MUST have reflective stickers on them, and must be ECE-2205

  • Air Quality Certificate – you may need one details here

  • Travel light – if you’re not used to luggage on your bike then it’s a good idea to take the bike out loaded before the trip!

  • Know your french road signs especially the ‘Priorité à droite’

There’s are really nice, concise guide from Bennetts that is well worth a read here